Pale Moon for Linux

Pale Moon is an open source Goanna-based web browser forked off from Firefox/Mozilla code, focusing on efficiency and ease of use by carefully selecting features and optimizations, having a fully customizable user interface, with its own growing number of extensions and themes while still maintaining compatibility with many Firefox extensions as well.

Pale Moon provides a familiar set of controls and visual feedback similar to previous versions of Firefox (no Australis!), including grouped navigation buttons, a bookmarks toolbar that is enabled by default, tabs next to page content by default, and a functional status bar, among other things.

For additional information, check out the main site at
For support, check out the forum at or the Linux FAQ.


Installation, uninstallation and upgrades are normally managed with the Pale Moon for Linux installer. However, you can also download Pale Moon for Linux as a bzipped tarball that can be extracted and run from anywhere. There is also a special build available that is specifically optimized to run on Intel Atom processors.

You can also install Pale Moon from one of these fully-endorsed third-party repositories:

Additionally, Pale Moon is included in and can be installed directly from the default repositories of the following distros:

  • Manjaro (both the standard build and Atom builds)
  • PCLinuxOS
  • Puppy Linux "Tahrpup"
  • MEPIS/MX-15
  • Arch User Repository (AUR) (both standard and Atom builds)
  • Gentoo Overlays
  • Slackbuilds

Linux system requirements

Pale Moon requires a processor which supports the SSE2 instruction set, and will not run on processors that do not support it.

To check if your processor supports SSE2, type the following into the terminal: grep -om1 sse2 /proc/cpuinfo

If sse2 is displayed, then your processor is supported. If there is no output, your processor does not support SSE2.

Pale Moon will not run at all without (reasonably updated versions of) the following dependencies:

  • GTK+ v2.20
  • GLib v2.24
  • Pango
  • X.Org
  • libstdc++ 4.3
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