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Download Pale Moon for Linux release binaries

Latest version: 27.4.0

If you prefer not to use the installer, you can download a tar.bz2 here instead. To use, simply extract the tarball anywhere you like and execute the "palemoon" file inside it, or follow the instructions here if you want to install manually. Please be sure to download the correct archive that matches the architecture of your OS.

Download links:

Download x64 tar.bz2 (direct download)
Size: 41.01 MB
SHA-256 checksum: 7dce7f8d4aefc91d6f5569444ebc7429df91d9c7b7629e39fc233309e1c10641
PGP signature: [Sig]

Download x86 tar.bz2 (direct download)
Size: 41.72 MB
SHA-256 checksum: 7acc083e09ef1fd1e035437dc858620cd96ec46f7cec0f1b8f7546c6060d2b49
PGP signature: [Sig]

For more information, please read the release notes.

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