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Download Pale Moon for Linux Installer

Latest version: 0.2.4

The Pale Moon for Linux installer (also referred to as pminstaller) can be used to install, uninstall, and update Pale Moon for Linux. To use it, simply extract the pminstaller-*.tar.bz2 archive and run the pminstaller.sh file.

Please note the following:

  • Some file managers treat the pminstaller.sh file as a normal text file and will try to open it as such (in a text editor). In such cases you must run the installer by:
  • Do not invoke the installer as root (e.g. "sudo ./pminstaller.sh"), as the installer automatically elevates itself using su(do). On some distros, invoking the installer as rool will strip the XAUTHORITY variable (without which any graphical program cannot run).
  • If you receive a "Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display" error when trying to run the installer, ensure that xhost is installed on your system then try to run the installer again.
  • The installer may not run on some "lightweight" distributions since the standard command line tools use busybox (which does not implement all features of the command line tools).
  • If the installer does not run because the built-in copy of yad complains about being unable to load a particular library, then you likely do not have the basic dependencies required for any recent Mozilla based product. Please update the related libraries and try again.
  • If you have any specialized requirements that the installer does not serve out of the box, then please use the manual instructions to install Pale Moon.
  • For further information, please check the pminstaller release notes or visit the forum.

Download links:

Download tar.bz2 (direct download)
Size: 97.98 KB
SHA-256 checksum: 7c18656a6ff6d49bcec9f4c3d637eb44f4dd4dac3c059037a9a89c555ec9b8f6
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