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Pale Moon for Linux installer: Release notes

0.2.4 (2018-01-05)


  • Remove the version selection dialog - only downloading and installing the latest release of Pale Moon is supported.
  • Show a default prompt text if none is configured in sudo.

0.2.3 (2017-04-23)

This is a very small maintenance release to account for changes to the Pale Moon for Linux site.


  • Updates used URL's to account for changes in the Pale Moon for Linux site backend.
  • Only the latest version of Pale Moon can be downloaded and installed (installing previous versions is no longer supported). If you want a previous version of the browser, you'll have to download and extract it manually.

0.2.2 (2016-03-11)

This is a maintenance release to fix an instance that would cause the installer to hang, as well as some other fixes/improvements.


  • The installer no longer gets stuck if the user clicks "Cancel" before any part of the Pale Moon archive has been downloaded.
  • When choosing the version of Pale Moon to install, "Latest version" is now automatically selected.
  • Updated the bashobfus script used by the installer.
  • Fixed some typos and updated the oxygen-gtk2 warning message and Readme.

0.2.1 (2015-09-29)

This is a maintenance release to fix problems when using proxies, as well as other fixes and improvements.


  • Fixed the "Show versions" button to actually open a page with archived versions available.
  • The installer will now display a warning that some versions of the gtk2-oxygen theme engine (if detected) will cause Pale Moon to crash.
  • Silenced the xhost terminal output.
  • Fixed some issues when using the installer behind a proxy.
  • The installer now uses /tmp instead of creating its own temp folder.
  • The installer will better clean up residual files after updating Pale Moon.

0.2.0 (2015-06-10)

This is an important update to address PM4Linuxs move off of SourceForge.


  • New server: The installer no longer pulls the binaries from SourceForge, but our own in-house server instead. There will be no further updates to the SourceForge page going forward.
  • Fix cases where sudo is configured differently and asks for the root password rather than the users password. Instead of displaying a fixed string "Please enter your password", itll display whatever the prompt says, e.g. "[sudo] password for (user)".

0.1.8 (2015-03-30)

This is a maintenance release to fix an issue with xhost on some distros and various other improvements.


  • Fix an issue with xhost on some distros (Im looking at you openSUSE)
  • Added a visible version number to the titlebar
  • Made it possible to open the readme from within the installer
  • Made error messages clearer and more user friendly
  • Fixed various typos

0.1.7 (2015-02-12)

This is a maintenance release with mostly under-the-hood improvements.


  • Use curl to download files
  • Improve handling of the XAUTHORITY variable (required for graphical programs to run)
  • Rename some cryptically named functions
  • Enable the use of "fold" for the readme
  • Add command line switches to change options at compile time

0.1.6 (2014-10-17)

This is a bug fix release to ensure the target directory for Pale Moon exists.


  • Create /opt automatically

0.1.5 (2014-06-24)

This is a maintenance release with mostly under-the-hood improvements.


  • The installer can now elevate itself with both su and sudo
  • Added a license to the generated shell script
  • Hunspell integration is now done automatically
  • Removed the palemoon init script (users can still make configurations via */.profile)
  • The compile script now behaves like make/autoconf and will exit on error
  • Added checksum verification
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