Download Pale Moon for Linux unstable binaries

These versions of Pale Moon for Linux are built semi-regularly from the current development source of the browser and should only be considered for use by people who wish to help catch bugs before release.

The unstable versions of Pale Moon for Linux use the unstable branding (the "blood moon") to clearly differentiate it from the official releases.

Unstable versions do not use a separate user profile! If you decide to use these, your release-version profile will be used and could potentially be at risk. Make sure you make regular backups of your Pale Moon profile as unstable versions could occasionally cause data loss.

Release notes

Please read the concise release notes about this development version here:

Reporting bugs

Please report any bugs you find in the issue tracker on GitHub for Pale Moon. When you do so, please check if the bug has already been reported before by others to prevent duplicate entries in the tracker. If you report bugs, make sure to include the build date (as found in the about box) and provide clear information about the bug:

  • Clear description of the bug, with a concise and clear title for the issue
    (include exact circumstances and exact error messages, if any)
  • Steps to reproduce
    (what exactly do you do to cause the bug to become apparent?)
  • Expected results
    (given the steps taken, what did you expect the browser to do?)
  • Actual results
    (what did the browser do instead of what was expected?)

Also before you report a bug, make sure that you verify if the bug also manifests in a new profile with default preferences and no installed add-ons.


Note that these versions will not update to later builds automatically! You will have to download and update them manually. New unstable builds will be announced on the forum as they become available.


These versions are only available for Linux 64-bit. The tarball has not been signed in order to reduce the amount of Release Engineering overhead required to provide these builds.

Download 64-bit tar.bz2 (direct download)

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